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Nathan Palétat


Misunderstood artist and not always understanding himself, I navigate the musical currents which essentially make me work on the trapezoids and the sterno-cleido-mastoid. I do not compromise on taste for the ears and I try to share with the public a moment of poly-love and relaxation in order to forget why we are there ...

I gladly participate in support evenings as a DJ or Scratch. I accept all forms of exchange whether natural, pecuniary, sensory ... make your proposals.


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Dj Set


Because We Love Hip Hop

A set of 1 to 6 hours of predominantly American boombap. Only old, but good !


Electro Old

A look back at some very fatty electro that makes the bowls tremble !


Keep Calm And Dub

A selection of the label's sound ODGProd


Elektro Jane

Elektro Jane - Dj Kala

A collective of DJs with variable geometry, articulated around the desire for madness, discovery and musical sharing. Site web


La Vermine - Dj Dee 6 Dents

Radical anarkorap from Toulouse and elsewhere. Activist, autonomous, anti-merchant and independent. Political lyrics, fat beats, old school scratchin ', big guitars and joie de vivre, on stages and on records since 2006. Site web


Electrogène - Nathan Palétat

Collective with variable geometry and sensibly different themes. Nothing possible to define, except a single red thread: sound. This group can appear out of nowhere at the most unexpected times.


Crumble Sound System - Scratchy Djo

Sound system from Toulouse of a group of friends who pass sound to the four corners of Occitania in the 2010s.